No legal department or law firm wants to carry more people and costs than it needs. The prompt supply of flexible talent and the effective removal of redundant resources are the most efficient solutions to fluctuating requirements. SSQ helps to deliver the interim talent you need when you need it, and remove the resources when they become redundant ,  without compromising on quality and reputation.

  • Our clients see us as an extension of their legal team. We provide the world’s leading corporate brands and law firms with flexible legal talents to meet the fluctuating demands of their businesses – from a temporary single lawyer to an interim cross-border team. We have helped our clients save thousands on legal fees while meeting deadlines.
  • We provide flexible legal talent either via a Fixed Term Contract which is signed by our client and the legal talent, or through a Secondment Contract, where SSQ arranges for the individual’s employment relationship and makes them available for our client’s specific projects on a temporary basis.
  • Below are two recent examples of what we have successfully done for our clients.

Placed a Senior Legal Consultant with 20+ years’ experience in an energy multinational company, starting immediately to fill the gap during the search for the next General Counsel

Successfully introduced a commercial contract lawyer to a leading law firm during a busy period, alleviating pressure on the team and helping to meet deadlines

  • It is important – morally, legally and reputationally – to part from people with kindness and support in order to maintain your brand positioning. While a brand in the legal market can be damaged very quickly, it can take a long time to repair. SSQ strives to ensure that your leavers have as smooth a transition as possible into their next role.
  • Our offering
  • We offer bespoke packages for your lawyers which can include:

One-to-one F2F or remote counseling and coaching from highly experienced legal market consultants to create a dynamic career roadmap

Identification of the hidden job market and alternative career options

Guidance on how best to reskill and what practice area to focus on

Assistance with optimizing social media, professional digital presence and effective self-marketing

Introductions to a range of reputable recruitment consultancies and ongoing guidance throughout the recruitment process, including interview preparation and advice

CV workshops, including advising on business plans

Psychometric assessment

  • Benefits to Clients

Visible support for your lawyers impacted by redundancy

Smoothing the HR process, leaving more time for you to deal with the day-to-day running of the business

A bespoke plan aligned to the firm’s present and future recruitment strategy

Minimising reputational risk and ensuring brand protection and enhancement amongst both lawyers and your clients to:

  •         √  Maximise future hiring success when the market recovers;
  •         √  Position the firm as employer of choice with the highest organizational values

Our extensive reach in the in house legal market may result in your former law firm colleagues becoming clients

  • Over the years, and through our offices across the globe, we have built up relationships with local law firms, in-house legal communities, and lawyers of every specialty, pricing and quality.
  • Whether you are an in-house legal counsel wanting to connect with specific legal expertise in one particular sector, or a partner in one part of the world keen to join forces with a local lawyer in another part of the world, SSQ can help you make the connection personally and professionally.
  • Below are two recent examples of what we have successfully done for our clients.

Introduced a Chinese IP Litigator to an international law firm to work as a local expert witness in a global arbitration case

Connected law firms and their expert partners to the General Counsel of a large multinational company in planning for its IPO