SSQ has the resources to assist leaders of corporate legal functions in positioning Legal to help drive business strategy at every level of the organization through design and processes.

Whether it is formulating a corporate legal strategy, mapping and optimizing legal processes, retooling legal resources, or creating a roadmap to integrating into data-driven decision making, we can facilitate the transformation of Legal into a strategic function.

Below are recent examples of what we have successfully done for our clients.

  • Managing legal departments goes beyond hiring, firing, skill sets and managing budgets and client relations. SSQ can serve as a catalyst to connect stakeholders and their value propositions with legal initiatives that deliver, and can design the corresponding legal processes and necessary resources.

Advised a major global media conglomerate on transforming their legal function, including designing its corporate legal strategies, implementing legal process management projects, and facilitating exchanges and analysis of the legal function’s effort vs. impact on businesses

Collaborated and delivered workshops for a multinational business on corporate legal strategies and legal process management

  • To solve problems more effectively and efficiently, legal departments can leverage SSQ’s experience and expertise to help compete for corporate resources, such as assessing their effort-impact matrix, mapping processes involving legal tasks or issues, and increasing immersion in the jobs to be done. 

Supported the AP President of a multinational business in redesigning and strengthening the role played by Legal in the global structure to integrate with the BUs and functions at the regional level

Delivered workshops to a multinational emerging from a demerger on the challenges of their legal function and structure, and on AI and blockchain

  • From recruiting the first in-house lawyer to restructuring the legal department in an M&A or divestiture, companies benefit from SSQ’s network and its experience with similar projects.  

Helped a multinational FMCG company to review their China legal team structure, study the legal talent pool and benchmark different legal departments in the industry for reshuffling its whole legal department

Assisted a Chinese company in building different legal teams from scratch both within China and overseas, including the establishment of its legal department in Europe

  • Based on market reality and historic data of the niche legal profession – as well as the development trends of different industries, and the availability and dynamics of the talent pool – our compensation strategy and advice is competitive in the local market. It is also in line with leading global practice, and always designed to support the client’s business goals and financial planning.

Provided compensation consulting services to a world-renowned internet company, analyzing its legal team’s existing compensations, and tailor-making an industry compensation report that incorporated the future challenges and expectations of the organization

Advised a European luxury group entering the China market on designing a competitive compensation system for its legal department, in order to hire its general counsel and rapidly build up the department