Leaders of corporate legal functions and law firms must engage people end-to-end, from recruitment to development and career moves. A career should be a series of ongoing improvements to enhance strengths and shore up weaknesses, and to take advantage of opportunities and business needs.  Since not everyone is trained to be a manager of people, many law firms and businesses will benefit from our talent retention and assessment services and expertise.

SSQ’s highly experienced legal professionals include former general counsel, ex-law firm partners and seasoned lawyers, who can advise organizations on talent development and upgrades that impact your business and strategic purpose. They can also provide directional advice to individual lawyers in their career. We offer in-depth, thoughtful and practical suggestions on an individual basis, and always under the strictest confidentiality.

  • In recent years, we have expanded the scope of our service to include talent retention. In our view, talent acquisition and retention are intertwined. Instead of simply taking a client’s instruction to search for a candidate to fill a position, we offer consulting services which aim to understand the organization’s talent policy, team structure and work, and to analyze root causes for turnover, so that we can make recommendations on any specific talent acquisition need. 
  • Our talent retention consulting services include:

Assessment of personality and capability of a candidate or current legal team members with a view to a particular position or requirement 

Coaching individual lawyers to understand their career development desires and plans, job satisfaction and concerns

Out-of-box thinking and brain-storming discussion with legal and HR leaders to analyze underlining reasons for turnover, as well as possible organizational structure changes to add or reduce headcounts

Talent acquisition and retention strategy and action plan

  • Deep insights into a candidate’s potential are essential for hiring, retaining, motivating and developing people. Knowing how to spot legal talents who are aligned with the strategic direction of a company, understanding the strengths of existing lawyers and being able to evaluate the support required for improving their shortcomings, and having the scientific methodology to continuously motivate and retain key legal professionals are all critical elements of legal talent assessment.
  • Cooperating with Talogy, a leading global talent assessment company, we have created SSQ-Caliper, a tailor-made assessment tool which utilizes advanced psychological technology and data for the legal profession. SSQ-Caliper enables us to provide an in-depth reading of talents, and to help our clients assess and verify the match between the ideal portraits and a candidate’s particular characteristics. The assessment also incorporates our consultants’ personal observations of the legal talent to verify that our talent report is reliable both subjectively and objectively.